No Poverty

Drawing inspiration from Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, BMC has entrenched its foundations in the three pivotal themes of constructing a vibrant society, fostering a flourishing economy, and building an ambitious nation. Vision 2030 accentuates community empowerment as its sixth goal, resonating profoundly with the third goal of BMC’s Strategic Plan that emphasizes community service participation, thereby leading to the inception of the Social Responsibility Unit at BMC. This unit is a testament to BMC's alignment with the Ministry of Education's fervor to interweave community responsibility seamlessly within its trifecta mission of education, scientific research, and community service, crystallizing it as an inherent component of the college's mission and vision.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, driven by ethical and humanitarian convictions, is invested in eradicating poverty not only within its territories but extends its endeavors beyond its borders, contributing significantly to international development efforts. The Kingdom’s moral compass directs it to extend humanitarian aid to developing nations while simultaneously optimizing its domestic social services to ensure enhanced efficacy, equitable access, and fairness. The Kingdom’s commitment to fortifying its social protection framework revolves around bolstering the social security apparatus and fostering a culture of philanthropy among institutions and individuals. This ethos reflects a commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable society, demonstrating both domestic and global responsibility.

Alignment with the Kingdom’s Ambitions

BMC has meticulously aligned its policies with the overarching objectives of the Kingdom and the SDGs, with an emphasis on the critical "No Poverty" goal. At the heart of Saudi Arabia's approach to social protection is a triplet framework encompassing the social insurance program, comprehensive social safety nets, and programs tailored to support the labor market. BMC, in its pursuit of societal care, actively complements these Kingdom-led initiatives. The college has fostered collaborations with various charitable organizations and social committees, reflecting its commitment to enhancing the broader ecosystem of social welfare programs within Saudi Arabia.

BMC's activities, ranging from direct aid and educational support to fostering entrepreneurship and engaging in policy advocacy, directly and indirectly amplify Saudi Arabia's efforts towards poverty elimination. By addressing both immediate needs (like food and healthcare) and long-term strategies (like education and jobs growth), BMC ensures a holistic approach that aligns with and boosts the broader national vision.

BMC's Anti-poverty Programs

Community Service and Social Responsibility

  BMC's Anti-poverty Programs

BMC recognizes and embraces its intrinsic duty of social accountability towards the community it serves. Embedded within its ethos is a profound commitment to societal enrichment and advancement. In the academic year 2022/23, this dedication was palpably evident as BMC students and staff collectively devoted over 280,000 volunteering hours to community and charity endeavors. Such a significant investment of time and effort underlines BMC's firm commitment to the community's well-being. Moreover, as part of its broader mission, and by providing multifaceted support, from resources to manpower, BMC proactively engages in continually various initiatives targeting the mitigation of poverty aiming to formulate a community where welfare is accessible to all, and poverty becomes a remnant of the past.

Keswatul Eid: BMC has consistently demonstrated a deep-rooted commitment to community service, transcending beyond the realms of academia into actionable humanitarian efforts. One such endeavor is BMC's proactive involvement in the donation of used clothes. Spearheaded by the passionate volunteers from BMC students and staff, this initiative saw the collection of gently used clothing, meticulously sorted and readied for those in need. The heartwarming act of generosity wasn't just limited to the contributions of volunteers; BMC as an institution added to this effort, ensuring a substantial collection to benefit many families in need. Along with these efforts, BMC further amplified its commitment during the feast seasons through the 'Keswatul Eid' initiative. Recognizing the joy and significance attached to wearing new clothes during this happiness, BMC championed the cause of donating new clothes. This gesture wasn't merely about cloth, but a sincere effort to infuse a sense of celebration, dignity, and happiness amongst the low-income people during a time of communal joy. These initiatives demonstrate BMC’s holistic approach to community service, ensuring continuity in efforts that engage visible assistance with the emotional and cultural well-being of the families in-need.

Food Baskets: Under the banner of the "We Are All Responsible" initiative, BMC has continued this year to reaffirm its commitment to combating poverty and supporting the community. Collaborating with various non-profit organizations and charitable entities, BMC has taken concrete steps to alleviate the hardships faced by underprivileged families and individuals, especially during the holy month of Ramadan and two feasts. Understanding the significance of food security and its direct correlation to the 'No Poverty' Goal, BMC has been at the forefront of offering visible assistance. The provision of food baskets is a main example of this dedication. Through coordinated efforts and an inherent desire to make a difference, BMC has successfully distributed over 1000 food baskets to impoverished families. These baskets, packed with essential food items, not only provide immediate relief but also represent a broader commitment to community welfare. They serve as a beacon of hope, showcasing that institution, when driven by a decisive mission, can make meaningful contributions towards community improvement. By championing such initiatives, BMC is not just addressing immediate needs but also taking steps towards achieving a sustainable, No poverty and zero hunger future for all.

Ramadan Boxes: Ramadan, a holy month in the Islamic calendar, underscores the essence of sharing, compassion, and community advancement. Recognizing this, the Volunteering Club at BMC hosts the significant "Ramadan Boxes" event annually, aimed directly at supporting families in need, in alignment with the 'No Poverty' Goal. In March 2023, this valued event was organized, confirming BMC's commitment to societal welfare. The event extended over two critical phases: the collection of generous donations and the careful preparation of the boxes. A proactive visit to a wholesale market the week prior ensured the acquisition of essential supplies, which were promptly delivered the next couple of days. On the designated day, 100 spirited volunteers convened, channeling their collective energies into assembling, and packing the boxes. These boxes were filled with non-perishable foodstuff, such as flour, oil, tea, dates, and various other essentials, ensuring the beneficiaries could observe Ramadan without the concern of shortage. In total, 1425 meticulously prepared boxes reached 1425 deserving families across Jeddah, echoing BMC's deep commitment to mitigate poverty and fostering a feel of community, especially during spiritually significant periods. This initiative not only provides immediate relief but also serves as a landmark for solidarity, and human connection.

Orphan Care: Another initiative that BMC has firmly bound its commitment to the 'No Poverty' Goal by championing initiatives that prioritize vulnerable communities, particularly orphans. In collaboration with various non-profit organizations and charitable entities, BMC extends comprehensive health and medical care to registered orphans, ensuring their physical well-being is meticulously catered to. However, BMC's endeavors go beyond just physical health; they recognize the paramount importance of psychological and social well-being. Tailored educational programs focus on equipping orphans with the necessary psychological tools and social education, enabling them to seamlessly integrate and thrive within society. The Eid event, coordinated by many student clubs, represented BMC's comprehensive approach. This event was designed to provide a festive, joyous environment for orphans, with numerous activity corners ensuring they experience the true mood of Eid. A worthy effort of 75 volunteers dedicated their time and effort, engaging with the children in various activities. With 52 children from Mr. Abdullah Alsharbatly's orphanage and another 60 from the Social Nursery for Girls (Al-Naim branch) participating, the event was a testament to BMC's unwavering commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.

Osteoporosis and Vitamin D Deficiency Campaigns: BMC consistently endeavors to further the 'No Poverty' Goal, recognizing the intersectionality of health and socioeconomic well-being. A tangible demonstration of this commitment was the Osteoporosis and Vitamin D Deficiency Campaign, notably executed through November 2022. This proactive initiative was coordinated by the students from the Physical Therapy program. To magnify the campaign's reach and impact, BMC set up dedicated booths that embarked on an educational journey, elucidating various aspects of osteoporosis. These booths disseminated crucial information on the disease's nature, prevalence, causes, associated risk factors, diagnostic measures, preventative dietary guidelines, and mitigation strategies. A significant emphasis was placed on highlighting the pivotal role exercises and physical therapy play in the management and treatment of osteoporosis. On the other hand, in site campaigns were held for students and staff from 15 distinct schools in Jeddah; They were provided with a concise five-minutes risk assessment, ensuring they gained a practical understanding of their potential susceptibility to the disease. By championing Osteoporosis Day, BMC not only underscores its dedication to fostering holistic health awareness but also delineates its belief in health as a cornerstone of socio-economic stability and prosperity.

Multiple Sclerosis Support:
BMC in collaboration with "Wasm" association provide a range of services that the Multiple Sclerosis patients need including health, psychological, training, awareness, and educational support. Support of Multiple Sclerosis and other diseased patients: In a noteworthy collaboration with the "Wasm" association, BMC has initiated campaigns to support patients afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis and other related diseases. This joint initiative provides a comprehensive suite of services addressing the multi-faceted needs of these patients. Beyond medical care, it extends to involve psychological assistance, tailored training programs, and awareness campaigns. Furthermore, these efforts also focus on educational support, ensuring that patients have the resources and knowledge to understand their condition better. Through such initiatives, BMC strives to mitigate the physical, emotional, and economic challenges faced by those with chronic diseases, underscoring its commitment to a wealthy community.

Dental Clinic Services:
BMC, in alignment with the 'No Poverty' Goal, has made pronounced strides in ensuring accessible healthcare, particularly in the domain of dental services. In a commendable partnership with public and nonprofit sectors, BMC opened the doors of its 8 Dental Clinics to provide complimentary dental care and medication to the community. More than 30,000 patients benefited from this initiative, receiving quality dental treatments at BMC's Dental Clinics without any costs. Such efforts underscore BMC's commitment to not only elevating health standards but also mitigating financial burdens on individuals.

BMC's Community Anti-poverty Programs

Entrepreneurship and START-UPs Support

In line with its overarching commitment to the community, BMC actively champions the development of intellectual skills. Based on its rich capacity of human, academic, and intellectual resources, BMC eagerly aims to address the multifaceted needs of its community. By doing so, the institution plays a pivotal role in shaping a knowledge-centric economy, thereby stimulating national growth, and increasing global competitiveness.

At its core, BMC is dedicated to equipping its graduates with the necessary tools and resources, aiding them in drawing up their professional passes. With a deep appreciation for both national and international community contributions and engagements, BMC foresees itself as a hub where innovative ideas and strategies flourish. Through BMC’s extensive Institutional Networking and Alumni Connections, the institution provides robust support to young entrepreneurs, business incubators, and emerging startups. BMC keenly progresses towards its objectives, inviting students, young entrepreneurs, and startups to join its fold. Here, they are encouraged to bring, share, nurture new concepts, innovations, and tackle prevailing challenges.

To give life to this commitment, BMC has coordinated a series of initiatives. These range from technical mentorships to financial backing, especially for those students on the cusp of entrepreneurial ventures. Furthermore, BMC’s impact is felt profoundly within the local community. The institution takes the lead in promoting sustainable business endeavors by offering tailored education sessions, hands-on training workshops, expert consultancy, and personalized mentorship. To further augment these endeavors, BMC grants access to its premier facilities, which includes labs, libraries, and a wealth of educational tools.

A prime illustration of BMC's activities is the 'Startup Workshop Series' initiated in November 2022. Spearheaded by the startup and innovation club, this series spanned several months, focusing on the challenges of establishing a successful business. These workshops explore various sides – from thinking and business model development to skill augmentation and objective alignment. The series capped with a grand showcase where participants presented their business blueprints, reflecting the rich insights and ideas generated during their journey. Through such dedicated initiatives, BMC stands as a beacon of entrepreneurial support, fostering a culture of innovation and sustained growth.

  Partnerships with Financial Institutions and Policy Advocacy

BMC actively engages in policymaking on both local and national levels, establishing various agreements and MoUs with governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as nonprofit organizations. The aim is to collaboratively set up strategies, spread, and implement projects and initiatives addressed towards eliminating poverty in its entirety. An example of these collaborations is the MoU with Paradigm Shifters, a firm supporting entrepreneurship. This partnership is to sponsor conferences, such as TEDx, utilize the model of Shifters' proven expertise in managing such events.

Further consolidation of BMC's commitment, a joint venture with Alinma Bank through offering financial guidance and development consultancy. This also includes providing low or interest-free loans to start-up businesses that promise both financial returns and societal impact. To facilitate this, BMC has assigned a space within its campus for this project.

Additionally, BMC partners with the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF-HADAF), an organization dedicated to financially backing institutions that train and qualify Saudi youth for the private sector and sponsor Saudi entrepreneurs. This partnership, in turn, boosts employment prospects for the Saudi population, support youth and women empowerment, contributing to rural growth, and thus mitigating poverty.

A significant MoU was signed with the Saudi Network for Social Responsibility, strengthening a commitment to shared objectives. This alliance prioritizes equal opportunity, quality education, and social accountability. Through this interaction, both entities offer workshops and seminars. The Saudi Network for Social Responsibility, known for its efforts to implant the idea of social duty, has, through this partnership, facilitated BMC's access to educational resources, enhancing its mission of promoting social accountability.

Furthermore, BMC's relationships with financial authorities like HADAF and MONSHAÁT open paths for innovation, support young entrepreneurs, and drive competitiveness. The BMC Career Portal stands as a demonstration of its ongoing commitment, offering a large scale of services including counseling, mentorship, and financial aid to students, alumni, and startups likewise.

  Hosting Knowledge-Sharing Platforms

In 2023, BMC had the privilege of hosting the esteemed TEDx conference for a second time, witnessing thought-stimulating discussions by esteemed speakers for a range of subjects. The event, attended by about 250 participants, was marked by high levels of engagement, from exchanging motivational notes and sharing expressive personal experiences.

Financial Support for Education

Financial Support for Education

   Students Receiving Financial Aid

Central to BMC’s socio-economic interventions are its scholarship programs, specifically crafted to alleviate the financial burdens of both students and their families. These scholarships range from full tuition coverage to significant partial waivers, ensuring education remains accessible regardless of economic background. Notably, a significant 68% of BMC's student body benefits from these financial assistance schemes. These specialized programs, such as the Low-Income Supporting Programs, not only ease the financial strain on families with limited resources, but they also stand as pillars of support for the children of national martyrs and orphans under the guardianship of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

Furthermore, BMC offers innovative educational financing programs for its bachelor's degree candidates. These programs enable students to manage tuition fees flexibly, allowing payments either during their academic journey or post-graduation. Remarkably, these payment plans come with zero interest, made possible through BMC's strategic collaborations with development finance foundations. This comprehensive approach ensures that every BMC student, irrespective of their financial background, can pursue their academic dreams and contribute meaningfully to society.

  Promotion of International and Cultural Diversity

BMC emphasizes cultivating an environment saturated with international and cultural diversity. This rich tapestry of diverse backgrounds significantly enhances the overall academic journey and cultural immersion of its students, ensuring they graduate with a expanded perspective and enhanced competencies. BMC proudly stands as an assortment of global representation, with a student body hailing from an impressive 38 different nationalities. This includes a great segment from various developing countries. Beyond just offering a diverse learning environment, BMC takes proactive steps to ensure these international students receive ample support. This assistance is expressed in several ways: from direct financial aids such as fee exemptions or substantial reductions to more holistic support in the form of affordable housing provisions, daily sustenance, and complimentary medical services. Such measures underline BMC's commitment not only to academic excellence but also to the welfare of its diverse student community, ensuring a holistic development pathway for every individual.

 Student Wellbeing Initiatives

BMC has positioned itself as a guide of hope for students aiming to follow careers in healthcare, regardless of their economic background. With a deep understanding that financial constraints should not block a bright student’s educational journey, BMC has implemented a group of programs and initiatives specifically designed to support students from the bottom financial quintile.

Recognizing the transformative power of education, BMC has established a comprehensive scholarship program that extends financial assistance to students who came from the lower 20% of household income. These scholarships are not only financial support but also a demonstration that merit and potential should define a student’s academic prospects, not their socioeconomic status. These scholarships cover a significant portion of tuition fees, and for the most deserving students, it can even lead to a fully funded educational experience, from enrollment to graduation.

Beyond tuition, BMC understands that living expenses often pose a significant barrier to continued education for lower-income students. To address this and besides its own in-campus free housing, BMC has built partnerships with local housing providers, offering reduced fees for accommodation. These strategic partnerships with hotels and residences ensure that students have a safe, comfortable, and conducive living environment that supports their academic success without imposing an additional financial burden.

Understanding the link between nutrition and cognitive function, BMC has also taken notable steps to guarantee that no student's academic performance suffers due to hunger. Collaborations with various food service providers have made it possible for students to receive free meal tickets and subsidized food options. These initiatives align closely with the SDGs, particularly Zero Hunger, ensuring that students can focus on their studies without the distraction or detriment of food insecurity. The “Admission-Financial Aid” document highlights the transparent and accessible approach BMC adopts in providing financial aid. It serves as a clear guide for potential and current students, outlining the eligibility criteria and application process, ensuring that financial aid is within reach for those who need it most.

BMC’s efforts go beyond mere financial assistance; they represent a comprehensive approach to student support, ensuring that economic obstacles do not stand in the way of academic and professional aspirations. By providing scholarships, affordable housing, and food security, BMC is not only investing in the future of its students but also contributing to a more equitable society. These measures contribute significantly to retaining students who might otherwise be unable to continue their education due to financial challenges. BMC’s focus on the bottom economic quintile is indicative of its commitment to social responsibility and educational accessibility.

BMC holds a steadfast commitment to promoting education for all as well as its commitment to combating poverty by fostering strategic cooperation and utilization of its resources to support its student community, especially those from low-income backgrounds. One of these cooperation is the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Hassan Abbas Shurbatly for Community Services, a nonprofit entity. The primary objective of this MoU is to financially assist students with specific financial hardships. While this organization has already been a pillar of support for many BMC students, there's a coordinated effort to systematize the financial assistance based on meticulously researched student case studies. Another MoU has been formulated with the Abudawood Nonprofit Organization for Community Services, another nonprofit. This collaboration's aim is to cater to students who face unique financial challenges. Historically, this organization has been pivotal in supporting BMC students. The MoU's objectives revolve around instituting official protocols and methodologies to categorize and process students' financial needs based on urgency and gravity. Such structured collaboration paves the way for equal financial assistance opportunities for all students. Communication and coordination with the Abudawood Organization continue to progress. An MoU has also been signed with Takatuf, a nonprofit dedicated to investing in community individuals for long-term development. This agreement is based on the principle of offering all students equal chances to pursue their academic dreams. As part of this MoU, several initiatives are underway to mobilize funds for students with distinct financial needs. Takatuf, as a recognized nonprofit entity, has the credentials to coordinate fundraising efforts via well-structured initiatives. Their efforts encompass various SDG priorities, such as ensuring quality education, minimizing disparities, and fostering goal-oriented partnerships.

Recognizing the importance of access to quality educational materials, BMC organizes in-house book fairs, where students can avail discounts on textbooks, sourced from premier global publishers. Additionally, they provide expense vouchers tailored to cover costs associated with essential tools for academic success, such as computers, stationery, and other vital supplies.

Understanding the challenges that come with securing affordable housing, BMC has taken considerable steps in this direction. The college offers its own student residences at preferential rates specifically offered to students from low economic backgrounds and developing countries. Furthermore, BMC has mediated agreements with several local housing facilities, ensuring that students benefit from special discounted rates, thereby easing their accommodation concerns and letting them focus on their academic interests. This multi-pronged approach underlines BMC's dedication to foster an inclusive educational environment.


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