The Dean of BMC is Dr. Osama Kensara. He also deals with academic affairs and looks after all academic activities. The management and the academic office have rendered outstanding services in developing and improving the faculty's standards and the college. The Medicine Program is divided into basic sciences (pre-clinical) and the clinical science units, of which both are taught within the premises of BMC. The clinical training is conducted through the Ministry of Health Hospitals in Jeddah as King Fahd Hospital, King Abdul Aziz Hospital, Al Azizzia Hospital, and Al Messadia Hospital. The students throughout the internship year also receive their clinical training at these hospitals. There is also a skills lab for undergraduate students for the M1, M2, and M3 years. Clinical skills training in these beginning years leads to effective learning and develops confidence among the students. It also helps in the acquisition, construction, and application of knowledge. The higher management is hiring competent faculty from all over the world and is trying its best to retain faculty by providing them benefits and other facilities.

Message from the Head of Program

Head of Medicine program

Dr. Asim Alshanberi

Our mission in Medicine program is to improve community health and wellbeing by providing distinguished medical education and scientific research within the values of the profession. We teach with creativity and dedication, to excel with quality and compassion, and to inspire discovery and innovation with integrity and resolve.
Each day, we discern this mission through our faculty’s dedication to teach critical thinking and problem-solving skills to hundreds of medical students, preparing them for the challenges that lie ahead in the future of health care. We are leaders in the field of medical and health education and are truly dedicated to excellence.
Our student-centered curriculum encourages the students to find their passion and path in education and follow them to become lifelong learners.

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