Bmc Frequently Asked Questions

How many branches of BMC?

Currently there are two branches of BMC, BMC Jeddah and Aseer

What is the medium of communication at BMC?

The medium of communication is English in BMC

Where is BMC located?

Jeddah branch : North-Obur near camel round. Aseer branch: Al Maared Street in front of Jarir Bookstore in Al Waha Center in front of the Saudi German Hospital in Khamis Mushait

Are there additional fees for students who fail a course?

There is no additional fee for failed subjects if student is promoted to next year. However if student is declared failed and repeating the year then there is tuition fee based on number of failed subjects as per fee policy

Can student pay the tuition fees in instalments?

Yes, only BMC regular students can pay the semester tuition fees in installments as per student financial plan policy

How much does the registration fee cost? What is the refund policy for registration fees?

Registration fee costs 4500 SAR and it is non-refundable

Is it possible for a student to change the scholarship he applied for to another scholarship during his studies?

It depends the requirement of the scholarship program.

Should the debtor sponsor be an employee if he has a stable source of income?

The student must submit an application for registration at the college with attaching the bank statement of the debtor sponsor, and the assessment committee at Batterjee College will study and evaluate the case

Upon withdrawal can I get the refund of my paid tuition fees?

Student can apply for refund as per refund policy

What are the Internship Year tuition fee, Is it same as academic study year tuition fee?

 Yes it’s same as tuition fee of academic year fee

What is BMC bank account?


Beneficiary Bank: Alinma Bank,

Beneficiary Branch: Rabwa Branch, JEDDAH


IBAN # SA5005000068200090730001

Is social insurance considered a fixed income for the debtor sponsor?

The student must submit an application for registration in the college, and the assessment committee at Batterjee College will study and evaluate the case

What are scholarships programs?




Can I continue my Master degree in any other country after graduating from BMC?

It’s possible to continue the Master program in any other country and our graduates are completing residency and post graduate studies all over the world

Is BMC graduates are working currently at Saudi German Hospital Group?

Yes most of our graduates are working in different hospitals of Saudi German Hospital Group inside and outside KSA.

Since BMC is sister company of SGH Group (Saudi German Hospital Group), are there chances for BMC graduates to work in SGH group?

It’s the choice of the graduate to work anywhere after graduation, however BMC graduates are having priority to work in SGH Group.

Where BMC students do their internship year?

BMC students are doing internship at SGH (Saudi German Hospital) as we as in different branches of Ministry of Health hospitals all over the kingdom.

Do the BMC student(s) participate in Medical journals or training of research?

BMC involves students in research activities and writing articles etc.

Is BMC offering any post graduate (Master) programs?

Currently we are not offering any post graduate program. In future BMC would offer the Post- graduation

Is BMC recognized worldwide?

Yes, BMC is recognized worldwide and accredited by NCAAA and ACPE

Do you accept Non-Saudi applicants?

Yes, we do accept Non-Saudi applicants.

Do you accept Literature or Art background students?

No BMC accept only high school with Science subjects

Do BMC accept the international students?

BMC accept all types (High School, Transfer etc.) Of international students, BMC have more than 40 different nationalities of students studying currently at BMC

Is there any admission in second semester?

There is no admission in second semester

Are there any required marks from High School, Tahsili or Qudarat

Yes there are, only for Medicine and Dentistry programs only:

To join Medicine and Dentistry program after preparatory year the minimum required marks are:

High School: 80%,

Quadrat Marks : 65%

Tahsili Marks: 70%.

Is there any specific requirement for Preparatory Year (Foundation Year) Transfer Students?

Students who have completed the Preparatory Year program of any other college/university with science subjects can apply to register directly in any programs subject to the evaluation of BMC committee and availability of seats as per below criteria:

• CGPA from 4.5 and above out of 5 can apply for all programs in BMC

• CGPA from 4 to 4.4 can apply for all programs except Medicine.

• CGPA from 3.5 to 3.9 can apply for all programs except Medicine and Dentistry

What are the general requirements of admission for all types of students in BMC?

Applicants must be a holder of High school certificate. High school certificate must not be older than 5 years from the date of graduation at the time of registration in BMC. There is no time limit of certificate for all other types of students.

Applicants must have science subjects (Biology, Chemistry and/or Physics) in High school BMC will not accept applicants who have been expelled from other universities.

What are the requirements for Bridging Students?

Rules and Requirement for Bridging Students (Diploma students):

• BMC will accept Bridging students in all programs except Medicine.

• Diploma students can only join the program in which they have finished their Diploma.

• Applicants having diploma of 3 years or more may join from the 3rd year of program.

• Applicants having diploma less than 3 years, may join from the 2nd year of program Following documents are required for bridging students

• High School Certificate.

• Diploma Certificate

• Diploma Transcript

• Certificate of Professional Accreditation from Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (with valid date)

• No objection certificate from work place (If working)

• TOEFL, ILETS or Step as mention in the table:

What are the requirements for International high school students?

  • Applicant must be a holder of high school certificate in science subjects (12th grade) attested by concern ministries
  • High school certificate must not be older than 5 years (from the date of graduation) at the time of registration in BMC
  • Attend the BET (Batterjee Entrance Test) exam at the start of academic year
  • Translation of document(s)( if the document is not in English/Arabic) in English/Arabic
  • Original Equivalence Certificate of High School from MOE if needed
  • Any other document (if needed)

To join Medicine and Dentistry program after preparatory year the minimum required marks are:

High School: 80%,

For British curriculum we need “O level” with 6

subjects which must include Biology, Chemistry,

Math, Physics and English and AS/A level with 2

subjects Biology & Chemistry /Physics

During my stay in BMC, can I hold my studies?

There is no admission in second semester

For students who have obtained a bachelor’s degree and wish to apply for a second track, do they have to have a bachelor’s degree in a medical field or related to it? Is there a certain number of years for BAs for students applying to a second track?

The bachelor’s track should be a scientific track. The student must submit an application for registration in the college and the evaluation committee at Batterjee College will study and evaluate the case

Is it possible to change my program within BMC?

Student can apply for changing of major within BMC as per Major changing policy

Can the student withdraw during the year or it is important to complete the year?

This happens only under certain special circumstances (like personal issues, disease). Student can withdraw anytime during the semester

Did any BMC student pass the USMLE?

Most of BMC students and graduates pass USMLE part 1, 2 and 3 successfully

Do BMC offer any visas to Non-Saudi applicants?

BMC have a lot of international students on student Visa, Applicants have to submit the visa request to BMC with his/her registration application. After approval BMC will issue student visa.

Is the preparatory year compulsory for all the programs?

Preparatory year is compulsory for High School students for all programs except Health Admin program

Is there Hostel facilities in BMC?

Yes there is Hostel in BMC (Jeddah) campus only for Female students

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