International Office

International Office is committed to facilitate and administrate BMC partnerships and engagements with international institutions that support and augment vision of BMC internationalization

Teaching & Learning
Development Center

TLDC at BMC aims to supply and support the superior teaching and learning practices that help the development of student's learning skills as well as faculty performance that aligned with BMC vision


Art Club

This club has a cultural and artistic undertone to support different kinds of arts.

Influencers Club

The club strives to teach its members the means and methods of public speaking, group negotiation, and research, and allow them to practice these skills in a competitive forum.

Sport Club

The Sport Club aims at promoting students’ mental and physical health. Through their participation in internal and external physical activities, students learn leadership and problem-solving skills and values of teamwork, responsibility, and self-discipline.

Media Club

This club aims at assisting students in developing their media and digital literacy skills in order to express their independent opinions and ideas and share their different perspectives.

Pharmaceutical Club

This club supports pharmacy students’ future through their participation in multiple social services activities and promotes students understanding of available job opportunities in the labor market.

English Language Club

This club was established by students who are interested in and passionate about learning English. This club aims at providing the necessary support and needed tools for the purpose of learning English and its utilization in social interactions and academic discussions.

Nazaha Club

The club was established to cultivate the value of honesty and promotion of transparency. This club aims at fighting corruption and developing self-censorship among students and community members, and, hence, achieves the KSA’s vision in reformation of any type of corruption.

Volunteering Club

This club promotes the value of volunteering and giving in the public community. This club aims at stimulating positive changes that achieve consistent social growth and development.

Student Research Club

This club supports students’ participation in scientific research to provide a wide variety of lectures, seminars, and workshops to introduce the concept of scientific research and its major components.

Students Development Club

This club presents untraditional social events designed to explore and invest in students’ unique skills and talents. This club provides different opportunities to explore distinctive experiences, learn new academic and professional skills, and discuss available growth opportunities.

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