Academics Affairs

The Deanship of Academic Affairs works to accomplish the vision and strategic plan of the College through offering and maintaining specialized medical academic programs that meet quality standards and academic accreditation to meet the need for medical practitioners in the current labor market.


1. Offering and maintaining academic medical programs that meet quality standards
2. Maintaining learning outcomes that directly connect to the labor market
3. Supervising the development of academic programs and its demonstration
4.Maintaining quality academic environment that consistently maintains growth of students and faculty
5. Maintaining effective faculty development programs

Message of Vice Dean Academic Affairs

In alignment with Batterjee Medical College’s vision, mission, and goals, the College has achieved leadership in medical education due to its offered quality education that meets the local and international quality accreditations. This quality education is represented through the education offered in nine medical programs that aim at promoting the health of the community. Hence, the Academic Affairs works continuously on promoting the academic performance of students through programs designed for curriculum and academic development as well as faculty development, providing quality educational environment that maintains effective learning outcomes in order to meet the need of the current medical labor market.


Student Affairs

The student’s affairs Deanship at Batterjee Medical college (BMC) is responsible for creating an environment to foster learning and education. We care deeply for our students, ensuring their success during their studies from the moment of enrolment until they graduate. Our Mission is to develop students' personal, professional, social, leadership and cultural skills and to contribute to building graduates attributes of Batterjee Medical College.


The goal of student affairs deanship is to provide the students with services they need to support them in their academic achievement and builds their personalities behaviourally, professionally, and cognitively. The deanship prioritizes the emotional well-being of our students as we provide non-academic services for college life such as welfare services, student development, and alumni services and others.

Message of Vice Dean Student Affairs

Dr. Ikhlas Abdulaziz Sindi 

The Student Affairs Deanship is responsible for embracing students from their college enrolment until their graduation. We aim to provide equal opportunities for all, to guarantee the quality of the college environment. The Deanship provides students with the personal, professional, and educational skills necessary for the labour market. Thus, qualifying them to compete in the professional and academic fields. All our students are wished success and accomplishment by BMC.


Hospital Affairs

Internship is a period of transition from a medical student to a qualified physician; a process in which an Intern gains more confidence in patient care, develops professional attitudes and applies appropriately the knowledge and skills in the practice of medicine. Students will become licensed by the Saudi Commission for Healthcare Specialties (SCFHS) after the successful completion of a one-year training program undertaken at hospitals and training centers that provide high quality training in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The training is supervised by the hospital staff with constant supervision and follow-up from BMC's Internship Program coordinators, Head of Programs and the Hospital Affairs Office.


BMC signed number of agreements with reputable affiliations to provide its students with a proper high-quality clinical training. Such affiliations are under the umbrella of the Ministry of Health including a number of general and specialized hospitals in Jeddah, other government and private hospitals such as Saudi German Hospitals Group.

Students are allowed to take an elective rotation in a specific hospital or major if they choose to, which is allowed in the internship program of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, Radiologic Sciences, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. Elective is a two-month rotation which could be taken even outside KSA at university hospitals or hospitals with training program for interns.


Message from the Vice Dean Hospital Affairs

Vice dean of hospital affairs

Prof. Saddig D. Jastaniah

The aim of Clinical Training is to provide a general clinical experience in a setting of supervised clinical responsibility in order that students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills needed for the practice of medicine and health sciences in general and that they develop proper medical attitudes and ethics.

Quality & Development Affairs

The Quality and Development Affairs is responsible for maintain BMC reputation through effective quality management, Improve effectiveness and quality of service, continuous improvement and innovation in quality of education and increase students and stakeholders satisfaction.


Quality & Development Affairs provide the needed support for the programs to ensure understanding of National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA) or any other national/ international accreditation requirements. It describes the requirements for searching for an accreditation agency, the self-assessment process, the self-study process and the self-evaluation process. It also describes the application process and the accreditation agency visit arrangements, and how to monitor and maintain the accreditation standards.

Planning & Development Unit

  • Strategic Planning & Management
  • Training & workshops
  • Management Committees Management

Quality Assurance Unit

  • Quality Management
  • Policies, Procedures and Processes Management (P&Ps).
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Management
  • Surveys Management

Accreditation Unit

  • Search for international and local accreditation bodies for institutional and program accreditations
  • Fulfilling the requirements of the institution accreditation
  • Assist the programs to fulfill the accreditation requirements
  • Follow-up on the implementation of local and international accreditation standards

Message from the Vice Dean of Quality and Development Affairs.

Vice Dean Of Quality and Development

Dr. Maher N Alandiyjany

Welcome to the Quality and Development Affairs webpage,Batterjee Medical College (BMC) take pride and honor in declaring the College’s commitment to satisfy our students/stakeholders by providing a high quality medical education as well as to provide and maintain quality standards for our working staff and other interested parties.

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