Quality Education

Education has long been a fundamental sector for development in Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of Education's sustainable development vision seeks to develop the economy, create flourishing upcoming generations, achieving objectives and promote the quality of life with no detriment to the natural and environmental resources. Education concentration has shifted boosting the efficiency and quality, with incorporation of technology achieving the kingdom’s aspiring goals as part of Saudi Vision 2030.

BMC is concerned with enhance the capacities that needed to ensure that all students and learners, inside and outside BMC, gain the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, through education, training, and research.

BMC is committed to working towards SDGs and assured the “quality education” as the 4th SDGs throughout prepare distinct and competent educational cadres who be able enhance knowledge, to serve the community and fulfill its aspirations.

BMC is supporting early years education throughout its collaboration with Ministry of Education and different schools in Jeddah. These collaborations were run aiming to enhance the learning levels of school and preschool children through continuous campaigns that provide different kind of supports and access to education materials in addition to the improvement of health and nutritional practices and services which will be reflected on the next generations. BMC is also committed to continuous development educational programs for public achieving sustainable development of human capacity as a goal of Saudi Vision 2030.

Graduates with Teaching Qualification

To attain quality education, BMC follows strategies to develop educational programs within the context of accelerated development of modern cognitive technologies and the unprecedented applications in educational, medical and social fields. BMC steer educational programs to meet the real needs of the labor market and provide graduates with the required knowledge, skills and develop competencies that supporting their competitiveness; Therefore, interestingly, 84% of BMC graduates are gained a qualification and skills that entitled them to teach at primary school level.

Lifelong Learning Measures

BMC is committed to benefit and facilitate access to its various educational resources and utilities serving its internal community as well as outer surrounding community to enhance Quality Education and achieving best practice. BMC, through its Library, facilitates and provide free access to central library services and educational resources for its students as well as all community sectors beneficiaries including school students, people with special needs and children through the mobile library as well as the digital library, which provides different sources of information and electronic services. Based on its social accountability, BMC has agreements with many elementary schools in which BMC students share in teaching, guidance, follow up nutrition, psychological and health status as well as involvement in social and public events. BMC has agreements with more than 30 high school in Jeddah, in which school students are welcoming to visit BMC and involved in the “Small Scientist Program” which enables high school students to be oriented with scientific and medical research themes as well as innovations and they can contribute and carryout some laboratory experiments. Additionally, they can participate in field training for students inside BMC campus. Also, these partnerships enable high school students access to BMC resources and facilities and participate in BMC campaigns and public events as well as such as library and inviting them to participate in meetings and public events, as well as their participation with BMC students in some extra-curricular activities.

Lifelong Learning Measures

BMC is keen to raise the national awareness of sustainability issues, best practices, and solutions, tailored to the needs of community and the surrounding environment through multi-channel campaigns and activities. BMC run and hosts a wide range of public events and activities to make knowledge more accessible to the wider community. From volunteering and social responsibility to many BMC community initiatives.

Lifelong Learning Measures

BMC is aiming to be a premier institution for teaching, learning and community services. In addition to providing a targeted services to the community, BMC has a mandate to create a theoretically grounded and practically effective teaching and learning environments for BMC’s students in the context of globally interconnected institutions. BMC provides different Language courses for BMC students, employees, and community individuals. BMC in collaboration with distinguished national and international education institutions provide a wide spectrum of education programs and languages courses for public community. BMC in partnership with the French Consulate and the French Cultural Council are cooperated for the establishment and offer different French language courses in addition to International Diploma of French Language at BMC. BMC was accredited as the 1st educational institute in Saudi Arabia selected as a French language teaching partner and a center for the International Diploma of French Language. The agreement also includes the provision and design of medical French language courses for students and medical professionals. BMC also recognized by British Cultural Council as 1st private educational institute in Saudi Arabia to offer English language courses as well as an accredited center for global IELTS tests; The importance of this agreement comes with the British Cultural Council as a step to develop global language skills and to explore ways of future cooperation with universities and experiences in the United Kingdom. Moreover, BMC has been accredited as official center for German language exams in a partnership with the German Cultural Council and Goethe-Institute. BMC in collaboration with American Heart Association introduce Basic Life Support (BLS) course to increase basic cardiovascular life support skills in various facilities and pre-hospital settings.

Lifelong Learning Measures

BMC has dedicated regular outreach educational activities for the wider community including its alumni, citizens, residents, and displaced people as a track of its social responsibility and community service programs. These outreach educational activities are dedicated to develop and enhance the individuals and community awareness as well as risk groups of issues related to health and disease as cancer, diabetes, mental health, nutrition, and fitness, first aid, respiratory care, oral hygiene, environmental issues; in addition to intellectual issues, women empowerment, equality, and culture diversity.

Lifelong Learning Measures

BMC is dedicated maintaining a community which recognizes and values the authenticity and dignity of human being; promote tolerance, understanding, and mutual respect among its individuals; and encourages everyone to endeavor reaching his/her own potential. BMC views, evaluates, and treats all persons in any of its related activities, only as individuals based on their own personal capacities, qualifications, and other relevant characteristics. BMC prohibits discrimination against any member of its community based on race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin or ancestry, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, or disability in any of its related activities or operations.

Proportion of First-Generation Students

78% of BMC's students who starting a degree were first-generation students.


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