Good Health and Well-being

SDGs serve as a pivotal benchmark, enabling countries and institutions to evaluate their proficiency in achieving set targets. Among these central metrics, the emphasis on good health and well-being stands out. It points out the importance of ensuring comprehensive health care for every individual in society and the critical need for proactive measures against both endemic and epidemic diseases.

Saudi health sector is currently witnessing a paradigm shift, driven by initiatives that align with the Kingdom's Vision 2030. This vision underscores the continual advancement of healthcare services and focuses energy and resources on this crucial sector.

Based on the accomplishments attained through the National Transformation Program, the Saudi health sector has been motivated to tackle ongoing challenges. These include enhancing the capability and efficacy of healthcare services and boosting defenses against potential health hazards. Saudi proactive approach demonstrates a committed dedication to scaling up the health standards and ensuring the well-being of the population, marking significant steps towards the accomplishment of the SDGs.

BMC Commitment to Good Health and Well-Being

BMC is committed to dedicating its efforts to good health and well-being, a commitment evident throughout many aspects of its operations. Embedded in its core values, BMC is seeking to promote health services within the Kingdom by pioneering advanced scientific research and rolling out innovative initiatives tailored for the health sector. This drive is perfectly aligned with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and in response, BMC has carefully shaped many research paths that center on prevalent health concerns affecting the community.

Bridging the gap between intention and realization, BMC actively cooperates with a broad spectrum of health institutions and organizations, on the local, national, and global levels with the overarching objective of enhancing health outcomes and overall well-being. BMC's dynamic partnerships bring together organizations, scientific experts, and health leaders. BMC possesses active engagements with recognized regional and international health institutions. These partnerships have capped with over 420 top-tier publications, co-authored in tandem with experts from 32 distinguished global institutions.

Moreover, through 2023, three BMC-affiliated Researchers have achieved significant global acclaim, being distinguished among the top 2% of global scientific influencers in their respective fields, as per Stanford University's prestigious Global Lists. This recognition underscores their remarkable contributions to scientific advancements and illustrates BMC's reputation as a hub for world-class research and academic excellence.

Graduates in Health Professions

BMC is proud of its commitment to promote a comprehensive educational environment, dedicated to supporting its students and inspiring them with both vital skills and a passion for continuous learning. By refining their talents and building upon their knowledge base, BMC ensures that its graduates are not only competent but also stand out in the competitive medical field. The institution boasts a broad curriculum encompassing nine specialized medical programs, ranging from Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy to Nursing, Healthcare Administration, as well as Respiratory, Occupational, and Physical therapies.

Positioned as a prominent in medical education, BMC is recognized as a leading private medical college in Saudi Arabia. Standing out in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, BMC is renowned as a premier private medical college, notably pioneering the first Occupational Therapy program in the Saudi private higher education sector. Proudly, reflecting its excellence and wide-reaching impact, the class of 2023 at BMC saw 396 students graduate across various health disciplines, representing the entirety of BMC's graduating cohort.

Collaborations with Health Institutions

BMC, with its dedication to health and well-being, has shaped an influent specialized networking and collaborations on both local and international levels. These collaborations, established through MOUs, agreements, and contracts with health institutions, hospitals, and medical centers, reflect the institution's commitment to enhancing the quality and influence of medical education.

Central to these collaborations is the emphasis on experiential learning for students. From internships to training programs, BMC ensures its students gain practical experience, a cornerstone of comprehensive education. Furthermore, Continuous Medical Education Programs are established in collaboration with these institutions to continually upgrade the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals.

BMC's international collaborations are particularly remarkable. Recognized institutions like Maastricht University have partnered with BMC to formulate a contemporary MBBS program. Furthermore, BMC's association with the Harvard Medical School in offering collaborative accredited medical courses is an indication of its global vision. With other collaborations like those with international companies such as AMBOSS GmbH, BMC consistently improves its teaching and learning standards, ensuring its graduates remain competitive.

Another significant collaboration that stands out is BMC's MOU with the University of Arizona. This partnership aims to reinforce cooperation in research and academics in areas of shared interest. A highlight of this collaboration includes programs for student and faculty exchanges, which provide exposure and knowledge-sharing opportunities. Additionally, both institutions are working on designing collaborative research projects, pooling their expertise and resources for innovative breakthroughs.

One of the key initiatives by BMC, in collaboration with the American Heart Association, is the introduction of the Basic Life Support (BLS) course, aimed to elevating cardiovascular life support skills.

Another milestone for BMC is its association with the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists, during which the college played host for the membership exams. This not only strengthened BMC's standing in the global medical community but also witnessed continuing participation of medical practitioners in these esteemed examinations.

On the national face, BMC's fruitful partnership with the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS), through the BMC Dentistry Clinical Attachment Program, is continuing to offer young dentists a hands-on experience, enabling them to work closely with residents and consultants in specialized settings. This approach effectively bridges the gap and mixes theoretical knowledge with real-world application.

Furthermore, BMC recognizes the importance of skills development in healthcare. With that vision, adapted diploma programs have been developed and aligned with the latest in medical advancements and professional development. These include diplomas in health security, dental assistance, and nursing care technician. These programs are influential in addressing the needs of the Saudi labor market for competent health professionals, mitigating unemployment rates among graduates, and broadening the spectrum of health services.

Looking towards the future, the interesting collaboration between BMC and King Abdullah University for Science and Technology (KAUST) is established to pioneer artificial intelligence in medicine and medical sciences through specialized BMC’s unit. This venture aims to foster innovation, blending medical trials with high-tech solutions and artificial intelligence. The unit is prepared to offer young researchers across specialties the tools and platform to bring their innovative ideas to life.

Health Outreach Programs

BMC's insistent efforts in promoting health and well-being are widely spread within the community. Its diverse range of campaigns, workshops, and events reflects its comprehensive approach towards health. With its student community at the forefront of these initiatives, BMC ensures that the next generation of healthcare providers is not only skilled but also deeply embedded with a culture of social responsibility.

Engaging Health Outreach Initiatives

BMC has inspiring initiatives to promote health and well-being within the community. Its enormous outreach and fruitful partnership and collaborations with various organizations illustrate its dedication to fostering a healthy future for all. Taking advantage of the expertise of over 350 medical professionals and staff, as well as the excited participation of 2200 students, BMC collaborates with community societies, NGOs, public bodies, and non-profit organizations in significant community health activities. Extended to a wide range of health challenges like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, breast cancer, smoking, and drug abuse, BMC regularly organizes medically and scientifically designed awareness campaigns. Alongside, special emphasis is laid on women and child health. Notably, during the Hajj and Umrah seasons, both staff and students volunteer fervently to serve the pilgrims, offering medical consultations and support.

Collaborations and Partnerships

BMC's collaboration with the Saudi Association for Hearing Disability illustrates its commitment to inclusiveness and accessibility. This collaboration facilitated seminars, workshops, and supported research, which offered a unique perspective on the challenges faced by the hearing-impaired community. The collaboration extends to other crucial health issues, such as Alzheimer's disease. The Saudi Alzheimer’s Disease Association played a helpful role in public awareness about the disease. Interactive sessions, information spreading through brochures, and direct conversations ensured the message was effectively shared.

Preventive, Awareness and Educational Campaigns

Throughout the year, BMC hosts in campus as well as coordinates out of campus series of awareness campaigns each targeting a different health concern, each of these events was carefully planned, involving interactive elements, practical demonstrations, and extensive informational resources.

Respiratory Therapy (RT) Awareness Week: Here, students and faculty showcased the role of respiratory therapists. With educational corners and games, the attendees were informed with the tools and methods used by RT professionals.

Alzheimer's disease Campaigns: In October 2022, representatives from the Saudi Alzheimer’s disease association and BMC Medicine students engaged in educating discussions on Alzheimer's disease, its symptoms, preventive measures, and management.

Breast Cancer Awareness Initiatives: October was a significant month for breast cancer awareness. Various campaigns educated the public on self-examinations, symptoms, treatments, and more, emphasizing that early detection can save lives.

Back and Neck Awareness Day: This day highlighted the causes of back and neck pain, emphasizing correct posture and preventive measures.

Promotion of Environmental Health: BMC understands the fundamental link between environmental health and human well-being. This was demonstrated in its seabed and beach cleaning initiative, where BMC students engage with the community. The initiative underscored the destructive impact of human waste, especially plastic pollution.

Promoting Active Lifestyles: Physical health is also a cornerstone of BMC's outreach efforts. BMC’s bikeathon, organized to raise breast cancer awareness, which was not only innovative but also an indication to its commitment to holistic health promotion. The event highlighted the significance of active living, ensuring that the message was clear - health is comprehensive.

World Obesity Day: BMC also hosted the World Obesity Day Walkathon. Collaborating with Jeddah Moves, the event aimed at highlighting the increasing obesity rates among students and teenagers, encouraging healthier lifestyles.

Antibiotics Awareness Week & Drug Awareness Campaign: Focused on the increasing global health challenges of drug-resistant infections as well as the danger of drug misuse.

World Diabetes Awareness: Diabetes, a global epidemic, was given its due focus with BMC students shedding light on its prevention and management.

Osteoporosis Awareness Day: This event focused on educating the public about the causes, prevention, and management of osteoporosis.

Epilepsy Awareness Campaign: A pivotal initiative that targeted public misconceptions about epilepsy, providing education on diagnosis, management, and patient communication.

Engaging with Younger Generation’s Health: Taking health awareness to schools, BMC's nursing students visited the Coral international school, engaging with younger minds to educate them healthy food habits, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. Through interactive sessions and distributing educational materials, BMC aimed to plant early awareness.

Dental Health Initiatives: A significant facet of BMC's community service lies in its dental outreach. With 8 specialized dental clinics, BMC offers top-tier dental health care. These clinics served approximately 7500 patients during the academic year of 2022/2023. Such activities recap BMC's commitment to comprehensive health and its alignment with Saudi's Vision 2030.

Shared Sports Facilities

BMC's Commitment to Community Engagement Through Sports

BMC's activities in sports reflect a commitment: to share, to nurture, and to celebrate. By opening its doors and facilities to the local community, hosting events, and promoting physical activity, BMC indicates that sports are more than games; they are avenues for connection, growth, and community-building.

In an era where building strong and sustainable community connections is more dynamic than ever. A significant element of this approach is BMC's efforts to share its sports facilities with the local community, offering unparalleled experiences to both local schools and the general public. These activities go beyond just availability, reaching BMC's vision of supporting physical fitness, encouraging teamwork, and promoting comprehensive development.

BMC’s indoor and outdoor playgrounds are considered hubs of activity. These facilities have been made accessible to local sports clubs and public schools. By doing so, BMC ensures that the broader community can utilize the potential of these facilities to care junior athletes and cultivate a culture of health and well-being.

Furthermore, BMC is taking the initiative in hosting many sports activities. Through its diverse sports clubs, the college has been organizing competitions across various games, facilitating energetic engagements between school teams. These events not only provide an avenue for students to showcase their talents but also pave the way for building inter-school friendship and mutual respect. In addition, BMC's student clubs have demonstrated an active enthusiasm for participating alongside students from other institutions. These engagements, encompassing activities like walking, biking, and horse riding, promote not just physical fitness but also inculcate values of teamwork and strength.

One of the standout events that explored BMC's dedication to promoting community sportsmanship was the football tournament that spanned from November 2022 to February 2023. This league, hosted on the BMC playground, saw participation from several neighboring colleges, demonstrating the collaborative efforts. The tournament ended with BMC's dentistry team winning the cup, as an indication of the college's full sponsorship.

However, sports at BMC aren't just about competition; they're about fostering a culture of physical activity and representing sportsmanship for all. The Annual Sports Day, held on the 13th December 2022, reflects this viewpoint. While the event observed excited participation in traditional games like the egg & spoon race, skipping, and sprinting, it was more than just a competition. The principle of the event was to raise the sports environment, which clearly in how participants were divided into balanced groups, ensuring everyone had an equitable chance. Beyond the races and the laughs, the event was a day of unity, ending with the acknowledgment of exceptional performances with prizes and medals.

Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health-care Services

BMC's Initiatives in Sexual and Reproductive Health Education

BMC's activities in the realm of sexual and reproductive health highlight its firm commitment to equipping its students with vital knowledge. Through its systematic approach, including awareness campaigns, regular check-ups, and collaborations, the institution not only addresses immediate health concerns but also enhances an informed community, aware, and responsible individuals.

BMC's commitment is expressed in multifaced services; It is not limited to providing information; but extends to support through ensuring regular consultations, check-ups, and guidance through BMC’s team of expert gynecologists. This is important as it not only provide students with the necessary information but also assures them of a reliable and consistent support system.

Recognizing that awareness is the key when it comes to topics as vital as sexual and reproductive health. BMC has taken steps to make such knowledge everywhere on its campus. Events indicating significant days, like World AIDS Day, aren't just celebrations. Under the empowering title, "Have a Check-up and a Consultation, and Feel Reassured," BMC organizes extensive campaigns in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, represented by the Directorate of Health Affairs in the Makkah Region and the Department of Communicable Disease Control. Through these collaborations, the college's aim is to inform both students and staff about vital subjects like AIDS, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and overall women's health. These campaigns highlight the valuable role of education in enhancing awareness of diseases and ensuring a well-informed community within BMC.

BMC's emphasis on reproductive health is also evident in its continuous initiatives to support the broader community. Aligned with its vision of promoting well-being, BMC routinely hosts and initiates series of awareness campaigns around "healthy marriage and pre-marriage check-ups." Collaborating with social societies in Jeddah, BMC highlights the importance of compatibility and harmony in marriages, emphasizing its implications for mental, psychological, physical, and social well-being.

Moreover, BMC organized the "World of Prematurity Day" on 15th November 2022. The event, coordinated by the Respiratory Therapy (RT) program, covered essential topics like complications during birth, neonatal care procedures, and the pivotal role of RT in neonatal resuscitation. BMC students displayed posters and illustrations detailing ventilation devices for newborns, complementing these visuals with in-depth explanations of complications faced by premature babies. By using means like dolls, posters, and pictures, the college ensured that the awareness spread was both comprehensive and engaging.

Mental Health Support

BMC's Commitment to Mental Health Support for Students and Staff

BMC has revealed a keen interest in the well-being of its students, faculty, and staff. This commitment is evident through many activities, services, and initiatives that are designed specially to promote mental health.

At the heart of these actions is BMC's dedicated psychological clinic. This facility is characteristic for BMC's commitment to offering effective mental health support, facilitating psychological and mental consultations for students, faculty, and staff. The clinic operates through several communication channels, ensuring accessible and immediate care. It is run by a team of experienced consultants and counseling psychologists who address a range of mental health concerns. From aid students tackle exam anxiety and promoting positive thinking to teaching techniques for sustaining self-esteem.  

Beyond individual consultations, BMC regularly conducts workshops on critical topics like “how to achieve mental, psychological, and behavioral stability.” These events serve as interactive platforms for participants to gain insights into developing mental resilience.

Furthermore, BMC Counseling Unit strengthens the institution's commitment to mental well-being. Offering a safe, confidential space, the unit facilitates both psychological and developmental support designed to the unique needs of students.

Whether one is suffering from academic stress, relationship challenges, or adjustment difficulties, the counseling unit provides full support. Sessions encompass diverse therapeutic approaches from traditional individual and group therapies to more contemporary methods like fitness classes, Zumba, Yoga, meditation, animal-assisted therapy, and music therapy. Each mode is meticulously coordinated to promote harmony and well-being.

BMC's commitment to mental health isn't confined to its campus. By forging partnerships with community societies, NGOs, and other organizations, BMC champions mental health awareness on a broader scale. A notable initiative was the collaboration with “Waad Therapy Center” in coordinating community service campaigns, in line with the “World Mental Health Day.” These campaigns aimed to clarify mental health conditions. With the combined efforts of BMC staff and groups of student volunteers, the public was educated about various mental health conditions. The successful participation of the public underlined the campaign's success in raising awareness and diminishing the shames associated with mental health challenges.

Furthermore, BMC continually engages students in innovative ways to champion mental health such as "How to be an Influencer" event which introduced a platform where students could share inspiring messages and enhance a supportive community. The unique format of this event, which involved audience participation and group activities, highlighted the BMC's commitment to offer an environment where every individual feels valued and heard.

Similarly, the "Wear Your Feelings" event, aligned with Mental Health Awareness Day, offered students an innovative opportunity to express their emotions through clothing. This event wasn't just about fashion; it was a celebration of individuality, feelings, and the interacted human emotions. By sharing the stories behind their chosen outfits, students connected on a deep level, further highlighting the importance of mental health discussion.

Smoke-free Policy

BMC's Active Efforts for a Smoke-Free Campus

BMC has a firm commitment to promoting a healthier, smoke-free environment for its community. This dedication led to the institution implementing a "smoke-free" policy, effectively transforming BMC into a smoke-free campus since 2019. A notable step in this direction was the establishment of the smoking cessation clinic on campus, a collaborative effort with the Ministry of Health. This facility not only offers medicinal aids to those looking to quit smoking but also incorporates a dedicated Tobacco Control Management System for data entry, which assists individuals in their journey to break free from tobacco addiction.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, BMC smoking cessation clinic undertakes the crucial role of educating and raising awareness amongst students regarding the hazards of smoking. Through a combination of outreach programs, informative meetings, educational campaigns, and e-club guidance, the clinic provides a comprehensive support system. The aim is not just to inform but to equip students with tools and knowledge they need to avoid the habit of smoking.

Moreover, BMC's commitment exceeds its campus borders. The institution has actively coordinated No Smoking and Anti-Drug campaigns, reaching out to varied community sectors, including high schools and shopping malls. Through these initiatives, BMC expands the message about the harmful effects of smoking and drugs on individual health and the broader environment.


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