The medicine program at Batterjee Medical College was established in 2005. The program has witnessed the graduation of nearly a thousand doctors. Since its inception, the Medicine program has developed its medical curriculum in cooperation with Maastricht University in the Netherlands by developing its objectives and methodology and building effective evaluation methods.

Besides, the Medicine Program is concerned with developing distinguished services to improve and develop educational outcomes by developing basic medical skills (pre-clinical) to clinical science units. The program is also divided into pre-clinical years (first, second and third years) and clinical years (fifth and sixth years), both of which are taught inside the college premises, in addition to the training year (internship), which is carried out through government and private hospitals. Students are also trained in clinical skills and effective communication gradually according to their study levels in fully prepared training labs in the college to achieve interactive learning, develop knowledge and enhance trust between students and faculty members.

We are proud that the program's graduates are among the pioneers who could pass the local and international fellowship exams with ease.

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Working in a hospitals’ clinics and operational rooms

Most of our medical graduates are practicing medicine – the traditional hands-on role of diagnosing and treating patients, or performing surgeries. However, there are several alternative settings for medical careers beyond working in hospitals and surgeries. 


Medical Research

Some of the medical graduates choose to go into medical research, using their expertise to understand diseases and the development of new diagnostic techniques and treatments. This could mean researching the causes of different illnesses, examining the effectiveness of new drugs, or working on advancing medical technologies such as those involved in developing artificial limbs, fertility treatments, and gene therapy.

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