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BMC Library strives to provide exemplary health information resources and services that are essential for the provision of quality educational and research for our faculty and students. We aim to provide the study environment you deserve during your studies at BMC.
Our staff are available throughout the library and are happy to assist you in finding books and journals, accessing otlibrarycialist materials or using our facilities and equipment.
The library encourages an atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation, promotes life-long learning through relevant instruction and training. Take your time to find your way around the library and our collections to ensure you take full advantage of all we have to offer.


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We are pleased to unveil the all-new Library website, now live at
The new website is more user-centered than ever before, with a focus on the tools, resources, and information that matter most to our researchers and learners. The new site combines the core features and functionality that users will recognize with new tools developed to enhance the experience for new and returning users alike. Our goal has been to structure our website to be easier to navigate, with a stronger focus on commonly needed services and resources for students, faculty, and staff. These user-centric changes have been driven by user surveys, focus groups, and interactive site testing to help us better understand how people interact with the libraries and where we can improve.

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