Annual Career Fair

BMC works hard to provide BMC graduates with all means and resources and assist them draw their career path. BMC values the global social contribution and interaction of over 3000 alumni in the medical and science fields. Career Fair is organized annually to create employment opportunities and expand students’ knowledge of possible career path in their specialty. The Career Fair aims at exposing students to real experiences to research, find information about vacancies, and interview for possible employment.

BMC Graduation Ceremony

It's Your Graduation ! In the attendance of the Board of Trustee, CAEO of BMC Colleges, Dean of BMC, Vice deans and Head of programs, BMC celebrates annually the success of its graduates from all the medical programs. Batterjee Medical College witnesses a pretty exceptional night of celebration.


BMC is serious about helping its students to shift smoothly from the stage of education to that of employment. It does not only focus on internship opportunities but also works hard to open new connections with Healthcare Organizations in order to help in securing job opportunities for its graduates. For that reason, BMC has signed memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with different organizations in the healthcare sector.

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