BMC Hostel

We have established new modern hostels for females based on a high standard to create suitable circumstances for studying and harvesting success in a high-quality academic environment. The hostel was designed specifically to keep up with the increasing number of students on both the national and international levels. The hostels are located in North Obhur on the college campus.

Hostels Description

The College provides secure and high-quality hostels for female students, ensuring their safety, comfort, and privacy.

Two buildings for the hostels. The first building is named E-Block and it has a total of 5 floors. It can accommodate up to 130 single rooms.

The second building is H-Block, which has 6 floors. It comprises 45 studios that have both single and shared rooms, along with 21 apartments. Each apartment includes 4 rooms that are furnished with all the necessary amenities. Additionally, the apartments have both single and shared options.

Goals of the hostels

Contribute in making a good atmosphere for residents inside the hostel.
Provide a good psychological and social care for residents.
Maintain the islamic rituals, culture, and traditions.
Encourage the mental and physical health through social, sport, and cultural activities.
Assure the quietness and relaxing environment to encourage the residents to study and succeed.
Create a friendly atmosphere between the residents and strengthen their communication and connection


Single Room
Single Room
Single Studio
Shared Studio
Single room apartment
Shared room apartment

Fees Per
Semester 9000 SAR


Once students are accepted into BMC, they can apply for housing registration. Priority is given based on registration order.


Furnished rooms
Security surveillance
Surveillance cameras
First aid
Transportation facilities available
Laundry room
TV room
Outdoor spaces
Housekeeping service
Maintenance service
Prayer room

Hostel registration requirement

  • Fill out the housing application form.
  • 3000 SR registration fee to reserve the room (non-refundable).
  • A copy of the receipt for full payment of housing fees.
  • Two recent personal photos of the student.
  • A copy of the ID card (bring the original for verification).
  • A copy of the family card (bring the original for verification).
  • A copy of the residence permit for non-Saudis (bring the original for verification).
  • A copy of the student’s passport (for non-Saudis).
  • A copy of the passport of the student’s guardian (for non-Saudis).

Hostel rules and regulations

1. Cooperate with the hostel officers to do her assigned tasks professionally.
2. Respect roommates’ rights and do not mistreat them in any way.
3. Keen to the hostel cleanliness, both inside and outside the rooms, and pay attention to the public properties.
4. Smoking is not allowed inside the hostel premises.
5. To keep the room’s fixed assets in a good condition, not to damage, destroy or throw them outside the room.
6. Be punctual and respect the hostel timings for exit and re-entry.
7. Not hosting any person without getting the hostel management permission.
8. Dress appropriately inside the hostel premises.
9. Residents must maintain their personal belongings inside the hostel; the hostel management will not be responsible for any loss.
10. The hostel management has the right to enter the students' rooms in case of emergencies such as water leakage, fire, abuse, smoking, physical attacks and immoral activities.
11. Rational use of electricity by turning off the electricity and air conditioning when leaving the room.
12. The hostel management has the right to change the students' accommodation as needed.

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