Radiology is now the key diagnostic tool for many diseases and has an important role in monitoring treatment and predicting the outcome. Radiologic Science is the health profession concerned with imaging for medical diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of disease. Technological advances and the creation of new imaging modalities now place Radiologic Science among the most dynamic, expanding, and high-demand fields in clinical medicine. Because it is comprehensive, careers for graduates in radiologic science are not limited to clinical practice in X-ray radiography but extend to areas such as General radiography, Vascular imaging, Cardiac catheterization, Fluoroscopic procedures, Interventional radiology, Ultrasound imaging, Nuclear Medicine scanning, Computerized tomography scanning, and Magnetic resonance imaging.


Clinical area

There is a great opportunity for those graduates in Radiologic Sciences (Radiology Specialist) to work in hospitals and other health care facilities providing medical service for patients. We can summarize the job of the Radiography Specialist in the hospital as the person who ensures the efficiency Work the devices and prepare them technically to receive the patient based on the state of health and the quality of the required examination, which was determined by the physician and make radiation examinations and the process of analysis and modification of medical images within the computer and stored and sent by the storage system and medical communication So the radiologist can later read it to attach his report with the images.


Academic area

The Bachelor of Radiology Science enables the holder to work in the university educational institutions under the name of “Teaching Assistant”. His mission is to supervise the practical lectures in the department and training in hospitals, in addition to teaching some preliminary level materials and carrying out some administrative tasks, then he could teach as a lecturer after awarding Master degree and Ph.D. Until becoming a full professor.

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