Nursing is a profession within the health care sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, and recover optimal health and quality of life. Nursing is the backbone of health care provision in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

The ANA states nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations. 
(American Nursing Associations, 2020) 

Students who choose nursing as a career are those who enjoy making a difference to people’s lives. It’s a career that helps you save lives, bring happiness to individuals and their families, and comfort to those in need. From mental health and aged care to rehabilitation and midwifery, there are many areas where you can make a positive impact. If you’re a compassionate, strong-valued person with an urge to help others, studying nursing is a great career move. While caring for patients fighting for their life can be a challenging experience, nurses still report a high level of job satisfaction. 


Nursing Career Path

The Nursing program provides students with a perfect opportunity to establish a thriving career in the healthcare industry. There is a high demand for nursing professionals in various healthcare centers and hospitals across the Kingdom. The Nursing program enables students to find lucrative jobs and endless employment opportunities. In each career path, you can progress based on continuing education, experience and training.

Community Health Nurse

Community health nurses serves the public in their own environments to promote wellness and improve healthcare. They work toward providing successful outcomes for critical situations. In performing their duties, they serve as agents of healthful changes in communities.

Infection Control Nurse

Nurses who help prevent and identify the spread of infections diseases in the hospital setting. Promoting infection prevention plans for staff, patients and community.

Operation Room Nursing

Inside the operation room, the nurse is the right wing for the surgeon, she could be working as a scrub nurse, assisting in the surgical sterile field or working as a circulating nurse supervising the operating theater.

Primary Healthcare Nursing

Primary health care nurses provide professional nursing care to assigned patients in an outpatient facility or clinic. They record patient histories, perform various diagnostic tests, administer medications, and develop patient care plans in collaboration with other medical professionals.

Quality Assurance Nurse

Nurses who work in quality department that focuses on the quality of care given to all patients across all health center departments. Involved in reviewing clinical competencies, and prevent adverse events.


Critical Care Nursing

Critical care nurses can work in a wide variety of environments and specialties, such as general intensive care units, medical intensive care units, surgical intensive care units, trauma intensive care units, coronary care units, cardiothoracic intensive care units, burns unit, pediatrics and some trauma center emergency departments. These specialists generally take care of critically ill patients who may require mechanical ventilation. 

Emergency Nursing

Emergency nurses focus on the care of patients who require prompt medical attention, treat patients who are suffering from trauma, injury or severe medical conditions and require urgent treatment. Identify the best way to stabilize patients and minimize pain and life-threatening situations. 

Medical Surgical Nursing

Medical Nurses are involved in Assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating patient care plans in consultation with healthcare professionals. Monitoring patients' vitals and administer medications. They will be also providing direct and individualized bedside nursing care to pre-and post-surgery patients. They provide education to patients and their families on medical condition, long term diseases, and surgical procedures and post-surgery care. 

Oncology Nursing 

Nurses in oncology units are healthcare professionals who are specially trained to administer chemotherapy and radiation treatments. They are also responsible for monitoring cancer patients' vital signs and overall well being, helping them manage pain and lessen side effects as they undergo treatment. 

Pediatric and Neonatal Nursing

Neonatal care nurses provide nursing care for newborn babies; whilst pediatric care nurses provide care to ill children, they focus on determining the child’s needs based on analysis of symptoms, and they provide family education .

Maternity & Gynecology Nursing

Nurses who work in this specialty focus on providing nursing care related to gynecological issues, reproductive health, labor and delivery, postpartum care, and peri-post menopause care. They provide emotional and physical support during the journey of having a baby as well as teaching prime mothers the aspects of taking care of the newborn.

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