Evolving Practice

Prepare students for the complexity of emerging academic and evidence-based practice of the 21st century.

Competent practice of Occupational Therapy

Help identify the essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes that encourage a more competent practice of Occupational Therapy.

Best practice and ethical standards

Educate students to practice ethical evidenced-based Occupational Therapy in a variety of healthcare, community, and educational settings; manage Occupational Therapy service delivery; and contribute to the profession through service and participation in research.

Leadership roles

Provide customized courses of study for students, designed to meet their individual learning needs and to enhance their ability to assume leadership roles in practice, education, research, program evaluation, and program development.

Continuing education

Provide continuing education for practicing therapists to facilitate their continued competence.

Research and evidence-based practice

Plan and engage in research to advance Occupational Therapy and rehabilitation practice and education.

Community service

Serve our Islamic culture, college and public and professional communities through active participation in college and community service and professional associations.

Societal needs and service delivery

Provide the Arab region with unique, qualified, and competent therapists who can serve the needs of the population in both the urban and rural areas where Occupational Therapy is much needed.

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