• Mohamed Mohamedomer Mohamed Yousef

    Associate Professor

    PhD, in Diagnostic Radiology, . College of Graduate Studies, The National Ribat University, Khartoum – Sudan.

    PhD, in Nuclear Medicine Technology, Sudan University of Sciences & Technology (SUST), M.Sc. in Medical Ultrasound, SUST B.Sc. (First class, Honors) in Diagnostic Radiologic Technology, - College of Medical Radiologic Science, SUST

    Associate Professor of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Radiology Program - Batterjee Medical College, KSA, Jeddah ,2016-till present

    Head of Radiology Program - Batterjee Medical College, KSA, Jeddah ,2016--2020

    Associate Professor, and dean of the College of Medical Radiologic Science, Sudan University of Science and Technology-(2013-2016)

    Research Interest

    Nuclear Medicine

    Diagnostic Radiology


    Medical Physics


    BMC – Third floor - Office 327

  • Amal Alsalamah

    Assistant Professor

    I’m assistant professor in ultrasonography in BMC. I’m a diagnostic consultant radiographer with over ten years’ experience in Obstetrics & Gynaecology Ultrasonography. I worked as an Obs/Gyn Ultrasound Clinical Specialist and Deputy of Screening Support Sonographer in the UK for last 7 years. I granted PhD and MSc degrees from Cardiff University and Pg.Cert from The University of Edinburgh (2018). I graduated from Radiological Imaging Technology -College of Applied Medical Sciences- King Saud University – Riyadh (2005).

    I gained a massive educational and learning experience in ultrasound training using blended learning and simulation. I proudly published a number of papers related to ultrasound educational approaches. My goal and responsibilities are to develop medical education along with simulation technology among healthcare organisation and academic institutes.

    One of most inspiring quotation I ever read
    ‘’Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek’’ – Barak Obama

    Research Interest

    My research interests are mostly related to ultrasonography and its relevant aspects of education, learning, creativity and develop new method of learning e.g. simulation


    BMC – Third floor - Office 311

  • Dr. Hanady Elyas Abbas Osman

    Assistant Professor

    · Assistant professor at Radiology department in BMC 2021 till Now

    · Assistant professor Al-Ghad international college for medical Applied Sciences from 2017-2021- JEDDAH-KSA

    · Head of Radiology department at Al-Ghad international college for medical Applied Sciences from 2017-2018 JEDDAH-KSA

    · Assistant professor At National Ribat University –Sudan 2017

    · Lecturer At National Ribat University –Sudan 2014-2017

    Research Interest

    Interested in researches about CT,MRI, US, General radiology and interested in published scientific paper about 15 scientific paper some of my publication:

    · Cross-Sectional Study: Knowledge, Awareness, and Attitude Regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Infection Control and Prevention among Students and Staff in Alghad College in JEDDAH

    · Evaluation of Liver in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Using Unenhanced Computed Tomography

    · Evaluation of Traumatic Knee and Shoulder Joint Ligaments with MRI among Adult Sudanese Patients


    BMC – Third floor - Office 319

  • Khalid Mohammed Ahmed Hassan


    2016 PhD degree diagnostic radiologic technology /Sudan University of Sciences & Technology (SUST) Khartoum-Sudan

    2010 M.Sc. degree in Diagnostic Radiology Sudan /University of Sciences & Technology (SUST) Khartoum-Sudan

    2001 B.Sc. in Diagnostic Radiologic Technology in College of Medical Radiologic Science / Sudan

    University of Sciences & Technology (SUST) Khartoum-Sudan.

    - Clinical Instructor in National Ribat University Hospital /Khartoum-Sudan(2009-2012)

    - Lecturer in Al-Ghad international colleges for applied medical sciences(2012-2015)/KSA-Abha

    - Lecturer in Batterjee Medical College for Science and Technology(2015up to date)/KSA-Jeddah

    - Practical experiences: Kassla military hospital(2001-2002)

    - Elobied Police hospital(2003-2005)

    - Dongola Teaching hospital (2006-2008)

    Research Interest

    Interested in MRI, CT and diagnostic radiological imaging to detect and measure normal or abnormality of anatomical structures


    BMC – Third floor - Office 327

  • Rawabi Saleem Shuldhum


    · Clinical Instructor; BSc. degree in Diagnostic Radiology - First class, Honors -, King Abdulaziz University, 2018

    · Clinical experience at a number of hospitals including, KFGH KFAFH KFSH Jeddah, KSA

    Research Interest

    · Ultrasound

    · Computed tomography




  • Lila Mahmoud M Wali


    · Lecturer of radiologic science department at BMC college

    · Master degree of Radiobiological physics, King Abdul Aziz University, Faculty of Sciences

    · Bachelor’s degree of Physics, King Abdul Aziz University, Faculty of Sciences

    Research Interest

    Medical physic, Radaition physics Radiotherapy, Radiotherapy treatment planning Radiation protection, Quality assurense in radiological imaging.

    Publication: Wali, L. M., Helal, A. M., Darwesh, R. M., & Attar, M. A. (2019). A dosimetric comparison of Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) and High Dose Rate brachytherapy (HDR) in localized cervical cancer radiotherapy. Journal of X-ray science and technology, p: 1-11.


    BMC – Third floor - Office 319

  • Reham Ghazi Garout


    · Lecturer in the Radiologic Science department at Batterjee Medical Collage

    · MSc in Medical Imaging from the faculty of Medicine at the University of Leeds, UK

    · BSc in Diagnostic Radiology from the faculty of applied medical science at King Abdulaziz University

    · Clinical experience:
    Interventional Radiology technologist at the National Guard Hospital Affairs for 4 years

    Research Interest

    · Interested in general radiography, interventional radiography, cardiac catheterization, CT, MRI and ultrasound

    · Published Research
    “Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Screening of Woman at High-Risk of Breast Cancer”


    BMC – Third floor - Office 319

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