Pediatric Stainless-Steel Crown Cementation Finite Element Study

2/5/2021 Objective: To study the effect of using different cement types under pediatric stainless-steel crown (SSC) around mandibular second primary molar using three-dimensional (3D) finite element analysis.

Materials and methods: A 3D finite element model was built for pediatric mandibular molar by laser scanning of natural extracted tooth. Four types of cement (zinc phosphate, glass ionomer, resin-modified glass ionomer, and resin) of 200 μm layers thickness were tested under a stainless-steel crown of 130-μm thickness. Twelve case studies were reported within this research, as the applied load of 330 N was tested with three angulations: vertical, oblique at 45°, and laterally.

Results: Linear static stress analysis was performed. The resultant stresses and deformations' distribution patterns did not change with cement type, while the values were altered. All deformations and stresses were found within the normal range.

Conclusions: Analysis results indicated that using stiffer cement material increases tooth structure stresses and reduces crown body stresses and deformations, while bone was nearly insensitive to cement type.

European Journal of Dentistry. This is an open access article published by Thieme under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonDerivative-NonCommercial-License, permitting copying and reproduction so long as the original work is given appropriate credit. Contents may not be used for commercial purposes, or adapted, remixed, transformed or built upon. (

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