Influence of resin-coating on bond strength of resin cements to dentin and CAD/CAM resin block in single-visit and multiple-visit treatment

5/29/2021 The purpose of this study was to evaluate the influence of resin-coating using one-bottle adhesives on the bond strength of resin cements in single-visit and multiple-visit treatments. Three one-bottle adhesives were used for resin-coating and/or pre-treatment adhesives prior to cementation, in conjunction with resin cements from the same manufacturers: Clearfil Universal Bond Quick with Panavia V5 (UBQ/Pv5), Scotchbond Universal Adhesive with RelyX Ultimate (SBU/RxU), and Optibond All-in-one with NX3 Nexus (OP/NX3). Bovine dentin surfaces were left uncoated or resin-coated. After 1-h water storage (single-visit) or 1-week water storage with a non-eugenol temporary cement (multiple-visit), a CAD/CAM resin block was cemented to uncoated or resin-coated dentin surfaces. Microtensile bond strengths (µTBSs) were measured and statistically analyzed (α=0.05). Application of resin-coating improved µTBSs. The multiple-visit group exhibited lower values of µTBS than the single-visit group. Selection of the materials affected µTBSs. Resin-coating and single-visit treatment are desirable for CAD/CAM resin composite restorations.

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