Patient Awareness of Oral Health and Periodontal Disease as a Potential Risk Factor of Breast Cancer

10/12/42 Introduction: Breast cancer (BC) is a public health problem and the most frequent malignancy among women. Oral health is important and directly related to the overall general health of the body; it is dependent and related to oral health knowledge and oral hygiene behavior. Several studies have associated links between BC and periodontal disease (PD). The aim of the study was to assess oral health and periodontal disease awareness and potential risk factors of BC in a sample of Jeddah residents.

Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted on 106 adults with a self-answered questionnaire in the framework of a community service initiative sponsored by the Ministry of Health on the occasion of the world BC month, where the college students participated in.

Results: In our study population, 68.68% of participants expressed proper oral hygiene awareness, while merely 42.72% identified the correct risk factors of BC. Only 12.3% had awareness of PD as a potential risk factor of BC, and their awareness was measured against their oral hygiene and periodontal health awareness, where 92.3% acknowledged the negative effect of oral hygiene neglect on the overall body health, 76.9% heard of dental plaque biofilm, and only 23.1% identified it as the causative of PD. Finally, 61.5% cleaned their teeth twice a day in accordance with the recommendations of the Saudi Dental Society.

Conclusion: There is an urgent need for comprehensive educational programs to promote correct oral hygiene practice and educate on its positive impact on the overall body health. The knowledge and awareness on BC and PD can still rise by community services and awareness campaigns throughout the city of Jeddah.



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