Dean's Message

Since its establishment, Batterjee Medical College for Science and Technology has become a distinguished educational institution aiming at the development of human beings in all aspects in order to witness a solid manifestation of academic and social growth. To achieve this goal, BMC has spent years of intensive planning and preparation to come up with an integrated educational system that meets international measures enabling it to compete with other recognized educational institutions that offer medical education.

Giving thorough consideration to labor market needs, BMC works on improving the potentials and capabilities of human resources in order to improve existing opportunities. Thus, the college has designed programs, in collaboration with well-known institutions specialized in curriculum planning, in order to take advantage of other regional and international expertise in the field of medical education. Furthermore, BMC has always been keen on attracting highly-qualified and experienced faculty members who strive to pass on their scientific and professional experience to students by means of the best teaching methods and thoorough utilization of the latest tools of modern technology in order to facilitate the educational process and support scientific research enabling the college in achieving its mission and goals.

BMC has always been interested in building a network of academic cooperation and partnerships with other distinguished universities, companies and international institutions, most recently the University of Maastricht, Netherland, a university with an outstanding reputation in the field of medical education. These fruitful relationships reflect the college's constant efforts to take advantage of global expertise in the field of education, training and scientific research, in addition to providing a variety of opportunities for students to complete their higher education abroad by enrolling in programs that meet the needs of their community. Moreover, BMC has always been an active participant in national and international scientific conferences.

BMC is devoted to establish a balanced educational system that manages both the quantity and quality of its outputs with one goal in mind: achieving excellence. This devotion is interpreted by the continuous planning and tremendous efforts exerted to keep up with modernity and to meet the needs of our community. It has developed strategies that enable us in reaching higher positions through our commitment and keenness to apply quality standards and adapt academic programs so as to ensure excellence. Finally, I can say that our graduates are the best proof of our hard work and support.

Dr. Osama Adnan Kensara , BMC Dean