Academic Affairs Office

Welcome to the Office of Academic Affairs in which we strive to achieve academic excellence in order to provide our students with high-quality education. Our page will provide you with information of who we are and what we do. You are advised to browse through our page to get to know us.

Role of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for supervising the College's academic programs. It fulfills this responsibility by working in collaboration with academic deans, head of programs, other educational leaders, faculty and staff in order to develop, implement, review, and evaluate its academic programs to meet high quality standards.

Duties of the Academic Affairs Office

The Academic Office supports the college in achieving its vision and mission statements. To attain this, the office performs several tasks that include, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Preparing schedules, allocating lecture halls, distributing faculty members, and announcing schedules to students.
  2. Preparing academic calendars and announcing them.
  3. Meeting with Head of Programs to maintain a good workflow.
  4. Dealing with various student cases such as unholding, bridging and transferring from one program to another.
  5. Dealing with students' academic problems and trying to find suitable solutions for them as well as providing advice and guidance and supporting academically weak students.
  6. General supervision on Academic Advising program.
  7. Preparing Final Examination Schedules and announcing them.
  8. Monitoring the process of final exams and preparing summary report to be presented to College Council.
  9. Updating and developing curricula.
  10. Developing academic policies and procedures and ensuring the effective implementation of them.

Academic Office Structure

The Office of Academic Affairs includes:
  • The Vice Dean of Academic Affairs
  • Vice-Dean Office Manager
  • Academic Coordinators
  • Secretaries