About the College

Batterjee Medical College for Science and Technology was founded in 2005.

The campus is located in North Obhour, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and was built to accommodate up to 5,000 students. BMC is considered one of the first private specialized medical college offering a variety of majors in Saudi Arabia and one of the newest and largest private medical colleges in the Middle East.

BMC aims to achieve excellence in medical education through well-planned curriculums consistent with international standards. To attain this, it has developed a high-tech campus that is fully equipped with the latest technology to enhance learning and teaching.

It also includes a virtual hospital to provide students with clinical skills essential to deal with patients using the latest screening methods and treatment simulation on sophisticated highly-sensitive (human-like) dolls.

BMC also includes dental clinics equipped with the latest dental equipment and facilities such as life like manikins. The College provides well-maintained private accommodations for female students.


To contribute significantly to society through unsurpassed medical education, community service, and research while maintaining Islamic values


To become a renowned benchmark of innovative and excellent medical education.