Student Services and Facilities


Our goal revolves around you; and thus our main task is to help you get the most out of your experience at Batterjee Medical College. We have thoughtfully built BMC campus and equipped it with facilities to make you feel at home.

BMC Library

The library is designed to provide easy access to the latest information, books, journals and other materials on all relevant subjects. It is equipped with the most modern communication technologies. The library offers quiet areas and gathering places to enhance scholarly research, to study effectively, and to use the collections of print and electronic resources. In addition, Reference Librarians are always available to assist the students.

Library Services:
  • locating books, articles and databases
  • Accessing e-library
  • Using printer, scanner and photocopy machines
  • Using computers
  • Booking study rooms
  • E-library and database training sessions
  • Receiving assistance from librarians:
    • Mr.Mazen Alghamdi
    • Mrs. Manal Alghamdi
    • Mrs. Hanan Jawa

Opening Hours:

Sunday - Thursday
08:00 AM to 04:30 PM
08:30 AM to 01:30 PM

Library Staff:

Name: Mr. Mazen Alghamdy

Phone number: 920024666, +966-2-2649600, 6561111 Ext: 2016

Mrs. Manal Alghamdy

Phone number: 920024666, +966-2-2649600, 6561111 Ext: 1339

Mrs. Hanan Jawa

Phone number: 920024666, +966-2-2649600, 6561111 Ext: 1339

BMC Clinic

Because we care about the safety and well-being of our students. The BMC Clinic is fully equipped with all necessary equipment and basic first aid medications. A full time highly-qualified physician is available at all times to provide health services as well as offer medical advice. All first aid cases receive immediate attention and treatment as emergencies. In extreme cases, an ambulance is called and the student is referred to the nearest hospital. Also, the clinic participates in awareness campaigns and workshops to raise awareness in regards to several health issues.

Student Development (Extracurricular Activities)


In the beginning of each academic year, a five-day foundation year orientation is held for the purpose of introducing students to academic life, familiarizing students with foundation Program as well as all other programs offered at BMC, and exploring college facilities through campus tours. Students are introduced to student & academic policies and given a brief description of each course offered in the program. Orientation Week provides the students with the opportunity to meet with the college Dean, Vice Dean, Head of foundation Program and Academic Staff for any inquiries or concerns.


The Student development Unit will offer a series of workshops throughout the year. These sessions cover a wide range of topics to help equip students with the tools they need to excel both academically and personally. The workshops are designed to introduce new students to knowledge, skills and campus resources to assist them in their successful transition to BMC and promote future success and engagement throughout their college experience.

Community service

BMC provides community service to facilitate both the internal and external community and thus supporting the cause of improved health status in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Students and faculty are encouraged to take part in the events and activities planned by BMC Student Community Service. These services cover health education sessions, safe blood transfusion services, community medical coverage as well as research and continuous medical services.

Clubs and societies

BMC offers students with a wide range of clubs that hold several activities on and off campus. Students can be active members in more than one club. These clubs reinforce students' sense of belonging and responsibility, enhance their social skills, strengthen their personalities and get them to participate actively in community service. These clubs include:

  • Photography club
  • Media Club
  • English Club
  • Students Research club


BMC arranges annual trips to several places such as Historical Jeddah, Kiswat Alkaabah and Book exhibitions. Moreover, we arrange additional national excursions based on students’ suggestions and needs.


Batterjee Medical College offers equal sport opportunities for both its male and female students such as Table Tennis, basketball, foosball and football leagues.

Student Counseling

Student Counseling is designed to support students, help them develop their abilities and skills and strengthen their sense of belonging by offering useful and sincere advice, academic assistance, guidance and social and psychological treatment to help students adapt.

    The Office provides the following services: Orienting new students and preparing them for college life. Providing an appropriate psychological and social environment that stimulates learning and motivates students to improve their academic performance. Providing psychological and social counseling. Studying certain behaviors and negative phenomena which may affect the performance of students academically and finding ways to prevent and treat such phenomena. Supporting and following-up academically weak students. Guiding students to join clubs and participate in student activities organized by Student Affairs. Assisting students in solving social and behavioral problems and providing consulting services while maintaining confidentiality.


BMC provides students with flexible transportation services to and from the campus and hostel.


BMC provides students with well-furnished and well-equipped housing units with all the facilities that are necessary for comfortable living.

Other Services and Facilities

BMC also provides students with the following:
  1. Mosque
  2. Copy Center
  3. Parking
  4. Wi-Fi/ Internet
  5. Food Court
  6. Recreational Area