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We have established a new modern hostel based on high standard to create suitable circumstances for studying and harvesting the success in a typical environment with high quality. The hostel was designed specifically to keep up the increasing number of students on both the national and international level.  The goal is to follow the same path that the servant of the two Holy Mosques -King Abdullah- and his Crown Prince, May Allah blesses them both, which is providing the high standard and high quality of care for the students in the educational filed today to prepare them to lead the country tomorrow. The hostel was created to create a perfect atmosphere for academic study, for entertainment, and for best comfort psychologically.

The Hostel Goals

  • Contribute in making a good atmosphere for students inside the hostel
  • Provide a good psychological and social care for the female students
  • Maintain the Islamic rituals, culture, and tradition
  • Encourage the mental and physical health through the sport, social, cultural, and educational activity in the outdoor halls
  • Assure the quietness and relaxing environment to encourage students to study and success
  • Create a friendly atmosphere between students and strengthen their communication and connection


Hostel Accommodation

Main Accommodation

  • BMC hostels are for female students locating in North Obhur in the college campus
  • The hostel consist of single room, single studio, shared  studio, and also several furniture apartments that consist of the following;
    • Single Bed
    • Cabinet
    • Disk and chair for studying
    • Drawer night stand
    • Security cameras for both protecting students and preventing risky onsets to assure the security and safety internally
    • Outdoor Green grass area suitable for mental and psychological relaxation


Features of the Hostel

  • Highly specialized and qualified hostel officers
  • Availability of First Aid that are essential for health care
  • Transportation of scientific and entertainment trips
  • Internal celebrations for the hostel students
  • Modern and clean room furniture for students
  • Laundry room that has several modern clothe washers and dryers
  • Commute room with big TV screen for students to gather and entertain together
  • Special room for prayer and reading the Holy Qura’an
  • Availability of male and female securities to ensure the safety and security for students
  • Availability of qualified team for maintained tasks
  • Availability of housekeeper to maintain a clean and organized environment

Registering Requirements

Requirements for Registering in the Hostel

  • 2 recent personal photos
  • Receipt of payment the non-refundable registration fees
  • Copy of the personal Identification Card ( please bring the original for matching)
  • Copy of the family Identification Card ( please bring the original for matching)
  • Copy of Iqama for non-Saudi (please bring the original for matching)
  • Copy of passport for non-Saudi
  • Medical checkup report for new registered students certified from governmental or privet hospital and for those who have chronic disease, they must renew their checkup with each academic year
  • Copy of the medical insurance benefits  and copy of the family medical insurance (please bring the original for matching)


Registration Fees

Yearly Expenses for Hostel


Room Type Fees for the academic year Insurance Fees Service Fees
Single Room in Block E 13,000 2,000 1,100
Single Studio in Block D 20,000 2,000 1,100
Shared Studio 10,000 2,000 1,100


Room Type in Block H Fees for the academic year Insurance Fees Service Fees
Single Room  24,000 4,000 1,100
Shared Room 12,000 2,000 1,100
Apartment with single room 20,000 4,000 1,100
Apartment with single room 10,000 2,000 1,100









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