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FAST vision 

To become a leader in offering a high quality educational program with strong ethics and values which emerge from Islam


FAST Mission 

To provide high quality education of international standard to our students in order to build a motivated character equipped to face global challenges while maintaining our Islamic values.


FAST Beliefs

  • To develop the knowledge and skills necessary for students to become globally recognized and respected.
  • To develop a character that is morally, socially and physically well founded.
  • To offer a program that is based on best practices and implementations. To adopt the best and appropriate teaching strategies to meet student's needs.
  • To enforce the English Language as a medium of instruction and communication in order to achieve the highest stated educational standards.
  • To teach the International curriculum without jeopardizing our Islamic beliefs and values.
  • We believe that Activity is an important part of our program to improve personal growth and to build up the social life.
  • We encourage the teamwork between our students and also between the staff.
  • To create partnership between staff, students and parents to ensure excellence from our students performance and academic achievements.


Foundation Year program started in 2005- 2006 and six batches have been successfully inducted in to different majors. Undergraduate study is a unique and rewarding challenge. Foundation year makes it a reality for students by closing any critical gaps in knowledge or qualifications.

Student assessment formats and techniques, fully prepare them for the many undergraduate courses we offer. These include practical assignments, engaging research projects and group presentations.

During Foundation year students learn what it really takes to achieve undergraduate success, instead of simply concentrating on exams. The many varied skills students develop will leave them a more disciplined and focused, and give them a clear head start when they begin the next phase of their studies.

Foundation year is a one year Program, divided into two semesters. In all 8 courses are taught with a total of 38 credit hours. Medium of instruction is English.


  • Increasing number of international students (English spoken).
  • Large number of courses that are application based. • Academic staff with ability to use and teach the up-to-date curriculum
  • Availability of e-library supported with advanced subscriptions in the world educational institutions.
  • Highly qualified academic staff
  • Up-to-date facilities and infrastructure like laboratories, teaching aids, networked computers etc. available both to staff and students.
  • Good reputation as an innovative organization

1.Contribute to and benefit from a FAST environment which is stimulating and maximizes their potential for learning and enjoyment.

  • a. Students Voice will influence curricular and strategic decision making.
  • b. The internal and external environment will be aesthetically pleasing and used to the full for curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • c. Students will have a more varied range of games and academic activities to service their learning.

2.Be able to access learning opportunities, both structured and spontaneous, during and outside College hours.

  • a. Students will have access to and make full use of appropriate technology when and where they need it – both at home and at College.
  • b. Students will benefit from partnerships with other educational establishments and service providers.
  • c. Students will have access to the full extended colleges offer.

3.Learn about important global issues affecting their futures.

  • a. Students will understand their rights and responsibilities
  • b. Students will have a greater understanding of the impact of their actions on the environment.

4.Exhibit high standards of behavior at all times in the college and feel a sense of pride in their community.

  • a. There will be a strong sense of community within the college– across year groups, a strong “team” structure, a sense of identity - and with the local community.
  • b. The good practice of the college will be shared more widely by celebration, marketing and promotional ventures

5. Have access to a full and varied range of experiences at FAST, both curricular and extra-curricular.

  • a. Students will enjoy project based activities working towards a purposeful and meaningful end goal with a real audience.
  • b. Students will progressively acquire skills for learning and for life through cross-curricular teaching and appropriate partnerships.
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