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Al-Forsan Scholarship Rules

1) BMC is offering two types of Al-Forsan scholarship

a. 50% Al-Forsan scholarship.

b. 100% Al-Forsan scholarship.

2) Al-Forsan scholarship will be awarded to both BMC regular student(s) and new registered student(s).

3) New applicants must be registered online on BMC portal in order to apply for Al-Forsan scholarship

4) Al-Forsan scholarship will be conducted during registration period for the new registered student(s) and in the start of 1st semester for BMC regular students.

5) Al-Forsan scholarship will cover the tuition fee only.

6) Once the student lost the scholarship he/she have to apply again as a new applicant.


Rules to apply for Al-Forsan scholarship:

    • All students/applicants with 95% and above annual grades in high school or in BMC current annual grades can apply for Al-Forsan scholarship.
    • Students/applicants must not have any warning letters (If BMC will come to know any time during his/her studies he/she will lose the Al-Forsan scholarship).


Renewal of Scholarship:

After getting Al- Forsan scholarship, the scholarship would be renewed yearly based on below criteria:

• Student should not get any warning letter.

• Student should get 85% or above to continue the awarded scholarship (100% Al-Forsan scholarship or 50% Al-Forsan scholarship)

• If the student average is from 80% to 84.99% the 100% Al-Forsan scholarship will cover 50% of the tuition fees and 50% Al-Forsan scholarship will cover 25% of the tuition fees.

• There will be no scholarship if the student average is less than 80%.

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