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Batterjee Medical College

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College of Medical Imaging Technology

The college of radiology offers a bachelor degree in the technical imaging and radiology in cooperation with the German university of Tubingen. By establishing a specialized study program that is based on an advanced scientific and international standards in the field of X-ray diagnostics and treatment, the degree contributes to graduating knowledgeable, skillful, qualified and competent individuals who posses a positive attitude towards the field of radiology.

About the Faculty:

The College of Radiology looks forward to teach undergraduate and graduate students. The units included in the program include:

  • Traditional diagnostics unit rays (ionizing x-rays)
  • The Ultrasound unit
  • The Magnetic Resonance unit
  • The Nuclear Medicine unit
  • The department of therapeutic radiology unit.
  • The regulation and Administrative functions for the technical specialists.
  • The unit of digital recording and electronic checks

Duration of program:

The program starts with a preparation or foundation year where the student takes certain courses that enable him or her to continue with his/ her futuristic study. After the student complete the foundation year successfully, he/she begins to study the bachelor of medical imaging technology which takes four years followed by a couple of years of training (concession). Education and training are integrated to develop practical skills in one of the three specialties: 1) Radiography 2) Nuclear medicine 3) Radiation therapy

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